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Thank you for your interest in advertising with Petango! Please find below, general information to help answer some common questions about advertising on Petango.

Target Audience attracts a wide audience of animal lovers. These are individuals that are looking to adopt a pet in their area or are pet owners looking for resources and information about their current pets. Our main focus is improving the lives of animals and helping more pets find their forever families. currently sees over 5.8 million visits from 2.1 million users per month on average. Our site content is updated in real-time based on the data provided by over 1,600 animal welfare organizations across North America. Petango was launched in 2009 with content and audience growing year over year. Advertising with Petango gives you the opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience with a shared passion for animal welfare, at a competitive price.

Advantages of advertising with us

  • Enhanced visibility - Most leaderboard banners are placed above the fold (near the top of pages), therefore being the first thing a visitor sees. We can accommodate rich-media/flash ads and can generally work with you on customizing a successful campaign that fits your company's needs.
  • Advertising based on page views, not hits which can be misleading. You only pay for the actual number of banners viewed.
  • Low Price - You'll be spending your advertising budget effectively, our targeted CPM rates are among the lowest in the industry.
  • Low saturation, multiple banners - We generally work with our advertisers, advise on lower saturation with any single banner, providing more exposure to unique visitors and increasing the performance of your campaign. We also allow multiple banners and spread ads evenly throughout the campaign period.
  • Advanced Ad Serving - We use state-of-the-art industry standard ad-serving and tracking platforms to allow for precise targeting, limiting exposure of particular ad to any user, tracking of views/performance, equal spread throughout the campaign period, geo-targeting, delivery caps, and many additional features, all designed to maximize reach and campaign performance.
  • Flexible Creatives - We can accommodate various standard IAB display ad units, as well as various media formats, sponsored text links, etc.