Petango Helps Reunite Lost Pets

Did you know that 5 million pets go missing in the United States every year? That's nearly ten cats and dogs every single minute. Working together with over 1,800 Animal Welfare organizations, the Petango Lost & Found Program helps identify lost pets and reunite them with their owners.

Join The Petango Pet Recovery Network And Help Reunite Lost Pets

By subscribing to the Petango Lost & Found Program, you're joining a network of pet owners across North America who are helping to find lost pets. You'll receive an email notification if there is a missing pet in your neighborhood or community so you can help play a role in reuniting them with their family.

Click here to subscribe and help lost pets get found.

What To Do If You've Lost Your Pet...

Does your pet have a microchip registered with 24PetWatch? Call 1-866-597-2424 to report your missing pet or click here for more information. Our Lost Pet Recovery lines are open 24/7/365, please have your microchip identification number ready so that we can process the information faster.

You Can Also...

Notify local animal shelters. If the shelter is one of over 1,800 shelters using Petango's Lost & Found Program they'll submit a lost pet notification that is sent to and all Petango Lost & Found subscribers in your area. The email includes pictures and a detailed profile of your dog or cat to help subscribers identify and find your pet. You can also use the "Lost Pet Search Tool" (on this page) to search for your lost pet by identifying the location, distance, color, and breed.

What To Do If You've Found A Pet...

If the found pet has a 24PetWatch collar tag, call us at 1-866-597-2424 immediately. We'll also report the pet as found and contact the owner so a reunion can take place.

If there is no collar tag or if it is unreadable or scratched, take the pet to your nearest dog warden, vet or rescue center so the pet can be scanned for a microchip.

You Can Also...

Use the "Lost Pet Search Tool" (on this page) to see if the pet you've found is in the Petango Pet Recovery Network. You'll find the right shelter contact information and they'll help you reunite the pet with its rightful owner.

Why Microchip?

Microchipping offers pet owners a permanent method of identifying your pet and linking the animal back to you via our Lost Pet Recovery Service. Collar tags can break or become unreadable and tattooing can become illegible. So, if you want to improve your pet's chances of getting home fast and safe in the event they go missing, microchipping is your best option.

Lost Pet Search Tool