Health, BehaviorĀ and Other Tips

Grooming Tips for a Ragdoll Cat

Caring for Ragdoll cats is comparable to other long-haired cat breeds, but their personalities truly set them apart!

  • 28 March 2012
  • Author: Anonym
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Cat Adopted After 8 Years in Shelter

As an animal lover and shelter pet enthusiast, there's really nothing more heart warming than the story of a successful adoption. Reading the story of Duchess, a Maine Coon Persian mix cat that waited 8 years in a shelter is downright heartbreaking.

  • 27 September 2011
  • Author: Anonym
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Free To A Good Home

During my last year of school studying abroad I spent a lot of time on Craigslist.  It’s where I got my furniture, my books, a lamp, some binders, a mattress, a mover…  On a student’s budget, Craigslist is a goldmine; a vast, virtual garage sale where quality is questionable but the price is right.

  • 24 March 2011
  • Author: Anonym
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Dog Muzzles: Types & Training

No dog owner likes to think about putting a muzzle on their dog but depending on the type of dog you own and where you live, using a dog muzzle may be a necessary part of your pet-owning life.

  • 11 March 2011
  • Author: Anonym
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Reasons To Spay Or Neuter Your Pets

There are dozens of great reasons to spay or neuter your pet, yet many pet owners are unaware of the consequences of not spaying or neutering until it is too late.  If you are thinking about pet adoption, or are already a new pet owner, here is some key information you should know about the benefits of spaying or neutering, and the dangers of waiting.

  • 10 March 2011
  • Author: Anonym
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