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Fireworks and Our Furry Friends

Fireworks and Our Furry Friends

During the holidays, shelters and animal control facilities are filled with pets that have bolted and become lost following the deafening noise of fireworks. Don’t let your pets join the ranks of the lost and stray!

Please keep in mind the effect that fireworks can have on our furry friends. For every one tone we can hear, cats can hear 10 distinct tones, meaning their range of pitch and ability to distinguish the precise direction from which a sound comes from far outstrips our own. While dogs may not have the same aural skills as cats, they can still perceive sounds twice as high as those we can detect and at a range ten times our own. Older pets can be even more sensitive to and stressed out by loud noises, especially the screeching, whistling, roaring noises created by fireworks.

Protecting your pets can be easy if you follow a few simple key rules:

➤ When leaving your pets home alone, keep doors and windows securely closed;
➤ Properly crate-trained dogs often take comfort in their "den" and should be crated (with appropriate positive reinforcement);
➤ A Thundershirt jacket or HomeoPet all-natural, non-prescription formula can help calm a fearful animal during thunderstorms, fireworks, or other loud festivities;
➤ Keep your pets sequestered in a quiet, low-activity room when entertaining;
➤ Never trust your guests! Even the most conscientious visitors can forget themselves and leave a door or window ajar long enough to let a pet escape.

Lastly, ensure your pets have proper identification, including a microchip and external ID tag. Don’t forget that a microchip can only help reunite you with your lost pet if the correct contact information is stored in a microchip database, like the 24PetWatch Lost Pet Recovery database. To verify your 24PetWatch Lost Pet Recovery contact information, simply call 1.866.597.2424 or update your profile at

  • 29 June 2015
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