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DIY Designer Dog Feeder

DIY Designer Dog Feeder

Here's what you'll need:



• 2 stainless steel dog bowls
• 1 piece of wood - I used a 1"x 12" cut to 21.5" long
• ½" Galvanized Floor Flange - you'll need 8
• ½" Galvanized Steel Pipe - you'll need 8
• ½" Galvanized Iron Coupling - you'll need 4
• Stain (you can choose the color)
• Synthetic brush - for both the stain and polyurethane (you'll need 2)
• Cloth rags (to wipe away stain)
• Screws (make sure they are not too long that they'll poke through the wood)


• Drill
• Jigsaw
• Dremel (for sanding)


Step 1:

Place your bowls side by side upside down on a piece of wood - make sure they are spaced out and you like the distance between them. For the size of bowl I chose I cut the 1"x12" to 21.5".

Step 2:

Trace the outside of bowls on wood.

Step 3:

Using a compass, draw a circle that measures the diameter of the inside edge of the bowl (7 ¼" in this case). 

Step 4:

Using a drill, drill a hole through the center of the circle. 

Step 5:

Using a jigsaw, carefully cut out the circles.

Step 6:

Sand the inside of the circles smooth - I used a dremel for this part. 

Step 7:

Use a damp cloth and wipe away any dust particles. Allow adequate drying time before proceeding to Step 8.

Step 8:

In a well ventilated area, use a foam brush and brush on a thin layer of stain. Let the stain sit for 20 minutes and wipe away any excess. Allow stain to dry overnight.

Step 9:

In a well ventilated area, apply 3 thick coats of polyurethane with a foam brush. Make sure you follow the directions and allow adequate drying time in-between. A trick to being able to re-use your foam brush for each coat is to wrap you brush in cellophane.

Step 10:

Connect all plumbing fixtures together and screw into the bottom of the feeder.

Step 11:

I cut out pieces of felt and glued them to the bottom of the flange to help protect my floors.

Step 12:


So how about a budget breakdown?

  • 1" x 12" cut to 21" ½" piece of wood: $0 (already owned scrap lumber, but it might be a couple of dollars to buy)
  • Stain: already owned from a previous project (Minwax Wood Finish stain in "Jacobean" from Home Depot - $7.97)
  • Cheap synthetic brush for stain and polyurethane: 99¢ x 2 • Polyurethane: already owned (Varathane - Diamond Wood Finish. Water based/Semi-Gloss - $10.47)
  • Cloth rag: nothing fancy, just use your old throw away t-shirt! FREE • 2 stainless steel bowls - already owned, but you can buy these at the dollar store!
  • ½" Galvanized Floor flange - 8 (Local plumbing store - $3.83 each)
  • ½" Galvanized Steel Pipe - 8 (Local plumbing store - 93¢ each)
  • ½" Galvanized Iron Coupling - 4 (Local plumbing store - $1.03 each)
  • Screws (already owned, but you can buy a small pack for a couple of dollars)

TOTAL: $44.18 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mike Vorbeck is the Director of North American Call Center Sales at Pethealth Inc. His passions include sailing, carpentry, Crossfit, College & NFL football, and BBQ. He has 3 dogs and 2 cats.

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