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Heartworm Disease Facts Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

Do you know all of the facts this heartworm season? Make sure you and your pet are prepared!

Your Dog is like Tom Brady

Your dog is like Tom Brady...and Kellen Winslow, Serena Williams, Daniel Agger, and hundreds of other professional athletes who share a common denominator: the infamous, season-ending knee injury. Now imagine the kind of moves a guy like Tom Brady will pull.

Signs Your Cat Has Pinkeye
Pinkeye can be a chronic and serious condition that could lead to blindness, and as a pet owner, you should understand the signs that your cat has pinkeye so you can get your pet the proper treatment it needs and deserves.
Why Catnip Isn't For Every Cat

Many people assume that all cats love catnip. After all, it's not every animal that gets a plant named in its honor. While a high percentage of cats do respond with pleasure to catnip, there are other cats that have no response at all. Because of the way catnip appears to induce a drugged-like state in some cats, there are reasons why catnip isn’t for every cat.

Grooming Tips for a Ragdoll Cat

Caring for Ragdoll cats is comparable to other long-haired cat breeds, but their personalities truly set them apart!



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