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Many people look to animal control and the shelter as a last resort when they have tried other options and been unsuccessful, we're working to change that image. Animal control and the shelter should be looked at as a resource; here you have people trained in handling animals and animal behaviors, people with the experience and references to help you and your animal with obedience training, to work past behavioral issues, or to help the neighbor quiet their noisy dog. The shelter is also here to help reunite lost animals with their families or to find new homes for those animals where their families can no longer provide the environment needed. If you feel that you and your companion are no longer compatible, call us and see if we can help first. If you decide that you cannot keep your companion though, be sure to tell the officer as much as you can about your pet. This will help us to find the right home, and may enable us to help your companion learn past any bad behaviors.

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Adoption Process

There is a required spay/neuter for any animal that you adopt. This helps us cut down the deaths of animals each year due to over-population. Fees vary from $75 dollars up depending on the species of the animal you are considering adopting. Cats and Kittens are $75. Dogs range from $95 up to the full cost of care provided on highly adoptable breeds and sizes. Please spay or neuter you animals! Animals adopted from the shelter have been immunized and will either be spayed/neutered, or have provisions made to be spayed/neutered. Dogs will recieve a microchip and City of Rexburg license in addition.

Are you looking to adopt a pet in the Rexburg area? We have a number of lovable pets waiting for adoption in Rexburg. is one of the largest pet adoption sites with animal rescue groups all over the United States and Canada. can give you access to a number of adoptable pets in Rexburg looking for a kind, loving owner to take them home. This page is dedicated to our pet adoption shelter in Rexburg where you will find plenty of adoptable pets waiting for a loving owner to take them home.

City of Rexburg Animal Shelter

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490 W 4th N Rexburg, ID, 83440

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