Pet Adoption

So you’re looking for a new pet? Here are some great reasons to choose pet adoption and Petango!

pet adoption

In North America millions of lost, stray, and abandoned animals enter shelters every year. With so many animals available, pet adoption is quickly becoming the most popular method of finding a new pet.

Partnered with thousands of animal welfare organizations across the U.S. and Canada, is the first adoptable pet search site to exclusively offer real-time updates of adoptable pets in shelters. So whether you’re looking to adopt a pet in New York or Texas, you can be sure to find a new pet near you. Visit our shelter page to find your local pet adoption center; we have hundreds of thousands of cats, dogs, and other pets available for adoption right now!

There are many reasons for a pet to become available for adoption, usually through no fault of their own. Many owners will give up their pets after realizing they can’t afford to keep them, they no longer want them, or sometimes just leave them behind after moving out of town. Although people often think that pets available in shelters are all mixed breeds, 25-30% of dogs up for adoption are actually purebred – and so are the cats!

Another common misconception is that shelter pets are unhealthy, but the majority of today’s organizations adhere to strict routines, including vaccinations, de-working, flea and tick treatment and even spay and neuter surgeries. Plus, when you adopt a cat or dog from any Petango shelter partner, your pet is eligible for the 24PetWatch Gift of Insurance, offering up to 45 days of complimentary coverage for common accidents and illnesses that occur post adoption.

Adopt a Pet, Save a Life

adopt a pet

Adopting a pet means welcoming a new family member into the home, and potentially saving a life. Every year cats and dogs enter shelters only to be euthanized, largely due to pet overpopulation. This means perfectly healthy animals are put to sleep purely because no one wanted to adopt them. If more people could be encouraged to adopt a pet instead of going to a breeder or their local pet shop, we could all help more deserving pets find loving homes everywhere.

You can start your pet adoption journey by using the Petango Petmatch search service. All you have to do is complete a “Pawsonality” test which will identify your unique lifestyle and character traits. The Petmatch search service will then use this information to find adoptable pets that are compatible with you.

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