What to Consider Before Purchasing a Cat Window Perch

Wednesday, September 19, 2012



Before purchasing a cat window perch, you’ll need to take several things into consideration. What to consider before purchasing a cat window perch? Though the majority of these types of perches are very similar in design, each offers its own advantages and disadvantages.


What you’ll need to consider before purchasing a cat window perch, first of all, is the window in which you are going to place it. Will there be activity on the other side of the pane that will entertain your cat? Is there sufficient sun or shade for your cat’s comfort? Will the perch fit into the general décor of the room, or could it be in the way?


There are many different methods of installation for cat window perches. Besides stand-alone pedestal platforms that can be moved at will, the majority of cat window perches are made up of a shelf and brackets. Some have hooks that clamp into the guide rails of sliding windowpanes, while others use special, heavy-duty Velcro as part of the attachment to the windowsill.

The brackets are sometimes padded to protect the wall they lean against. In other cases, they can be screwed into the wall under the sill for a more permanent installation. What to consider before purchasing a cat window perch is an evaluation of which of these many installation techniques is best for your circumstances.

Comfort and cleanliness

Your cat may end up passing hours sitting or napping on his window perch. The shelf should be adequately padded to serve as an agreeable and comfortable place to lie for hours. Many cat window perches are padded with orthopedic foam or latex that affords a durable cushion for your cat’s relaxation. What to consider before purchasing a cat window perch is your cat's comfort.

This padding should be covered with a removable, durable fabric. Especially in warmer seasons, kitty will leave behind fur. With time, brushing or vacuuming the surface will not suffice and you’ll want to be able to toss the cover in the washing machine. On the other hand, cat perches that are covered with carpet tend to be more resistant to a cat that likes to claw at the corners of his resting place.


Finally, what to consider before purchasing a cat window perch is the price. There is a wide range of qualities of materials and designs available that are reflected in the price. From the simplest shelf with plastic brackets covered with shag carpet to the heated platforms with an elegant pedestal that can add a special touch to the room décor, your pocketbook will need to be considered before purchasing.

Whichever cat window perch you decide to purchase, once it is installed you can count on finding your cat watching birds in the tree in front, taking some afternoon rays of sunlight or even greeting you through the window when you come home from work. Keeping in mind the location, the comfort and the price, you and your cat will be pleased with the purchase.


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