• Species : Reptile
  • Animal ID : 11577439
  • Breed : Snake
  • Age : 5 years 5 months
  • Gender : Male
  • Color : Brown / Tan
  • Spayed/Neutered : No

Pet Memo

Meet Maytag, a young 3 ft, healthy Ball Phython. Maytag loves to be handled and is a good eater. Maytag eats pre-killed frozen thawed small rodents. Maytag was given this unique name because it was found in a washing machine. Adopter must be at least 18 years old. Maytag may not be used for any breeding purposes. To adopt you must live in a 35 mile radius of Winfield, Illinois. Sorry , but for the safety of our reptiles we do not ship any of our reptiles.

Shelter Information

Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary established in late 2004 by Amber Kay. Fur Angels is a rescue without a physical shelter. The rescue does not believe in putting animals in a shelter type of environment (left in crates with only few hours of freedom and exercise a day) like most shelters out there. The rescue uses foster homes, homes of everyday people like you, in order to provide the animals rescued the best kind of environment to grow in and develop social skills. This also enables the foster home to communicate with the rescue any problems that may have been unknown until then. Rescued dogs are placed in foster homes, allowed to learn the house rules, to become housebroken, and to learn appropriate behavior. This ensures that when they are finally adopted into forever homes, the placement would have a higher success rate, and less chances of being returned back to the rescue. This also ensures that we make good match between animals adopted and adopters from good homes. For example,

Adoption Process

Adoption Application

Not ready to adopt but still want to help Fur Angels? Contact the shelter for sponsoring, fostering, volunteering and donation info.

Interested in meeting Maytag

Call (630) 518-2542 to speak to an adoption representative at
Fur Angels

Contact Information

414 N North Park Avenue, AURORA, IL, 60506

(630) 518-2542